Poseidon – Diving Agincourt Reef – Port Douglas Australia


Poseidon – Diving Agincourt Reef – Port Douglas Australia

Port Douglas Australia, what a name for a boat Poseidon. Who was this fella? Well according to Greek methodology he was God of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses!

Awesome I like him already, a powerful God of the sea, why not name an awesome dive boat after him Poseidon Snorkel & Dive. Based in Port Douglas Australia Poseidon the boat resides at Marina Mirage. Departing daily at 8:30am in the morning expect a 1hour and 15min journey to arrive on the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs.

Located around 60klm off shore you can expect some of the regions best diving. Large walls, drift diving, and deep bommies that extend all the way to the surface.

Pick your weather make sure Posiedon the God, hasn’t wipped up a storm for you. With nice blue skies and beautiful conditions the dive crew on board Posiedon will have you in and diving your first deepest dive of the day. At around 24 meters what an awesome way to start your day, large beautiful corals, yellow tail barracuda, grey whaler sharks and many Moorish Idols.

With the deep water from the Coral Sea, the Agincourt Reefs are blessed with fantastic visibility, amazing coral growth and beautiful healthy species of reef fish. Its always a please to dive the Agincourt Reefs you never know what will show up.

Poseidon – Diving Agincourt Reef is a beautiful day out, great crew, great lunch and best of all great diving. Spending time out here your appreciation of this area can only grow. Next time you want a great day out diving the Great Barrier Reef, think about Poseidon the reef boat from Port Douglas Australia.

Poseidon – Diving Agincourt Reef – Port Douglas Australia